Robotics - Increased Productivity

Robotic applications are increasingly being requested due to the modern-day pressures to enhance production, reduce waste and increase productivity.

As the demand grows and industries develop you may receive enquiries from sectors that you are not traditionally familiar with. We are here to help, with experience of a broad variety of applications into many varied sectors you can feel confident that we can offer a bespoke solution regardless of how challenging the project may seem.


Whether supplying you with a complete robot cell or the electrical system to control your robot installation, simply provide us with your specification and our robotics engineers can assess what is expected from the system and begin to offer a design. Once the working specification has been agreed production can start on your system, once completed we will liaise with you about delivery to site and installation to meet your schedule. Your dedicated project manager will work with you to communicate progress, complete installation and programming, agreeing schedules to reach factory acceptance testing and finalise commissioning.


The key element most customer request of a robotic system is to increase productivity. Banelec’s experience with simulation software enables us to digitally reproduce robotic procedures; this is particularly useful for calculating process times for high output systems. We have therefore used and tested this technology in the field proving it to increase productivity for customers.
Whatever your customers specification, our engineers have worked with a variety of robots, including KUKA, FANUC, Kawasaki and ABB. Our specialist robotic programming engineers can be involved throughout the course of any project, from initial design of the software through to installation and commissioning of the full system.