Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is being hailed the 4th Industrial Revolution, the advantages for automation and production facilities are endless, the aim is to use the technology to achieve remote monitoring, live data streaming, predictive maintenance and QR Coding, focussing on the use of automation and data exchange within manufacturing technologies.

 It is being implemented more and more frequently in the manufacturing industry, advancing the way your systems run and streamlining maintenance processes. Banelec are using this technology to provide you with a more unique experience. Through the introduction of industry 4.0 we can help you develop your systems to allow you to monitor the use of your equipment, collect specific data offering predicted maintenance and allow your engineers on site instant access to manuals and drawings saving valuable time.

Predictive Maintenance

The fundamental idea is to transform the traditional ‘fail and fix’ maintenance practice to a ‘predict and prevent’ approach. By knowing and programming the expected uses for each part, we can then monitor the life of each component within your system so that it can be replaced before reaching it’s expected maximum uses, by using this system you can achieve a near zero breakdown in production.

Apart from the obvious financial benefits this brings with no lapses in production, there are also health and safety benefits as you are monitoring your complete system, so any potentially hazardous machinery failures would be identified before causing any potential accidents.

Remote Monitoring & Live Data Streaming

Remote monitoring has been around for a while but as with everything there have been significant advancements in technology. Using our partners, we have developed WiFi and 4G (or coming soon, 5G) data streaming via the web, giving instant access to all of your machinery performance to show whatever data you need to monitor including, process times for high output systems, system functionality and view factory activity from anywhere in the world . You can relax in the knowledge that if any problems occur you will receive an alert instantly via email or text message on a subscription basis 24/7.
You can even operate non-essential equipment from wherever you are using this technology.

QR Codes offer easy access

QR code technologies can provide your engineers instant access to documents they may require on site at the touch of a button. Banelec can place QR codes on to your equipment during the production stage, providing your engineers with convenient access to the drawings and datasheets, etc available on any smart device by using a QR reading app.
Large projects generally consist of large amounts of information and documentation, which is rarely available to engineers onsite when they attend a breakdown or maintenance situation. QR technology means they can simply access the documentation or drawings they require once on site in the presence of the system.