Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is the future of manufacturing and engineering. Its technologies and applications can make your production equipment and processes safer and your operations more efficient, productive and sustainable. Our solutions can help take your production monitoring in hazardous areas and high-risk environments to the next level, leading to reduced downtime, increased safety and ultimate peace of mind.

The future of manufacturing

Industry 4.0 is being hailed as the fourth Industrial Revolution.
It’s being implemented across the manufacturing industry, advancing the way systems are run and streamlining maintenance processes. In a hazardous area context, Industry 4.0 applications can improve safety, ensure compliance and help your business avoid the substantial financial impacts associated with system downtime and loss of production.

At Banelec, we’ve built our reputation on creating bespoke and innovative solutions that enable our clients to achieve improvement through technology. We can develop Industry 4.0 systems to help you monitor your equipment use, gain data-driven insight, implement predictive maintenance and allow your on-site engineers instant access to manuals and drawings, saving valuable production time. If you’re looking to make your manufacturing processes smarter, safer and more sustainable, Banelec can help.

Remote Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance

When it comes to high-value production and high-risk environments, safeguarding your machinery, maintaining elevated levels of safety and monitoring productivity is essential. Industry 4.0 applications can help you achieve these mission-critical outcomes and so much more. Industry 4.0 will enable your engineers to move from a traditional ‘fail and fix’ maintenance practice to a ‘predict and prevent’ approach.

By knowing and programming the expected uses for each part, each component within any system can be monitored and replaced before reaching its expected maximum usage. This will help you achieve a near-zero breakdown in production. With our network of trusted partners, we’ve developed intrinsically safe data streaming via a dedicated WiFi, 4G or 5G (coming soon) connection, giving instant, real-time access to all your machinery performance data.

This will help keep your production equipment running as it should and alert you instantly 24/7, via email or text message, if any problems occur. If you’re looking to work smarter and safer, streamline your operations and get the most out of your production equipment, Banelec can help.

QR Codes offer instant access

Large projects or complex processes or machinery generally come with vast amounts of information and documentation. Anyone who’s ever worked on or sent engineers to an oil rig will know you can’t just pop back to the office to get schematic diagrams or other necessary paperwork. QR technology gives your engineers instant access to documents they require on-site at the touch of a button.

We can place QR codes on your hazardous area equipment during the production stage that provide your engineers with convenient access to drawings and datasheets from any smart device. We also offer Zone 1 smart tablets preloaded with your documents to save your engineers time and hassle on-site.

Work with us

We’d love to hear about your next project and what you’re looking to achieve. When you work with us, we’ll take the time to understand and think about your ideas, expectations and objectives. We’ll then create a bespoke, innovative solution incorporating the latest techniques and technologies. Finally, we’ll engineer, develop, and install your solution to the highest quality standards, overseeing your project delivery to ensure it’s a success. If your business is looking to achieve improvement through technology, whatever industry you’re in, Banelec can put you in control. Get in touch to find out more.