Hazardous Area Enclosure Options

There are a variety of hazardous area panels on the market depending on what your specification requires. We can provide many sizes of system dependant on use, from large distribution boards to small Exe terminal boxes or a combination of Exe and Exd together. Many items we have available from stock therefore reducing lead times to your customer.

Not just your standard Exd supplier

Exd enclosures are designed to contain any risk in the environment your project is being installed into. The challenge is calculating the size of the enclosure we have to work with by assessing what components you require to control your system, using our in-house developed software to calculate  the heat dissipation, the allowed volumetric capacity of the enclosure, the pressure piling and heat rise to determine the size of the enclosure.

Talking to our customers we know how the space available within an environment can be challenging, Banelec are often tasked with providing Exd options where space is limited, finding ourselves having to think more laterally to create an innovative solution.
This is an example of how Banelec designed and manufactured an entirely new concept which incorporated a mid-level component mounting plate allowing for more components to be installed within the panel, whilst remaining within guidelines.

Exe Junction Boxes

An Exe enclosure is an increased safety enclosure and can be used for many different applications. Whatever your application we stock a range of Exe enclosures which we can populate and certify in house to allow you speedy turnaround and delivery.

Exe requests which Banelec have successfully completed in the past include Exe mounted with terminals or push buttons for lighting, and if you require a lighter more space saving option then traditionally thought of as Exd components such as MCBs for example can be installed and supplied in an Exe enclosure.

Clever Exd and Exe Combination Systems

Exd and Exe combinations offer greater flexibility due to the saving of space within the Exd chamber as terminals are installed externally within the Exe enclosure creating ease of termination, less restricted options for glanding and are a simpler engineer application for installation and maintenance.
An example of an innovative Exd Exe combination saw us develop a double redundancy safety system using an emergency operating system (EOS) for installation on the blow out prevention (BOP) deck of an oil rig. (Link to Aibel Case Study)

Solutions for IIA, IIB and IIC, IIIA, IIIB and IIIC Environments

The atmosphere in which your control system is to be installed dictates the classification of the system required. Potentially hazardous environments can host a variety of gases and dust for which we offer IIB or IIC solutions; simply tell us the environment the system is to be installed, be it a gassy environment or dusty custard factory and we can offer the correct classification of solution.