Banelec Better than Ever!

As we begin 2020, Banelec not only celebrates its 20th birthday but we also get to share with you a huge number of new products, advances in technology and achievements that have taken place in recent months.

Following all our recent successes we thought it only fitting to upgrade our website to the .com domain and showcase all our achievements with the launch of the new site.

Banelec and Industry 4.0
With Industry 4.0 being hailed the 4th industrial revolution Banelec have introduced a variety of solutions which will benefit our customers, advancing the way your systems run and streamlining maintenance processes.

Predictive Maintenance
Offering a predict and prevent approach to maintenance, our solution to monitor the use of components within a system will help you achieve a near zero breakdown in production. This offers both financial benefits with no lapse in production, but also offers additional health and safety benefits as potentially hazardous machinery failures would be identified in advance.

Live Data Streaming
Remote monitoring has been around for a while, but as with everything there have been significant advancements in technology. Using our partners, we have developed WiFi and 4G (or coming soon, 5G) data streaming via the web, giving instant access to all your machinery performance to show whatever data you need to monitor.

QR Codes
QR code technologies can provide your engineers instant access to documents they may require on site at the touch of a button. Banelec can place QR codes on to your equipment during the production stage, providing your engineers with convenient access to the drawings and datasheets, etc available on any smart device by using a QR reading app.

Banelec offer hazardous area long travel panels off the shelf
We hold a stock of Bartec enclosures, ensuring we can offer the best lead times possible for our customers, but in 2019 we took our off the shelf products to a new level. Our in-house research and development team have encouraged the production and certification of our first hazardous area long travel panel for stock. Through our partnership with Bartec and lots of clever in-house calculations to ensure the safety of the panel with the inclusion of an inverter, we are happy to announce that we can now offer our standard LT panel in an explosion proof enclosure off the shelf.

Banelec become Norwegian register company
Banelec are delighted to announce that they are now a Norwegian registered company on the Brønnøysund register following their extended time working in Norway with our hazardous area partners Bartec in 2019. We look forward to exploring this opportunity more as we continue to grow.