Electrical Control Systems & Panels

Everything you wish to automate will require some electrical controls, anything which must perform a moving function Banelec can help you find a solution to make it operate the way you require. Whether it is a small simple piece of equipment, a complete automated production line or a robotic cell, our bespoke systems help you complete projects of any size.

Control Systems

Any project where you choose to work with Banelec to provide the electrical controls to power mechanical equipment, you will receive a complete service, including electrical design, manufacture and installation of the electrical control system. Whether you require a stand-alone solution or an integration into an existing process or system, we have the knowledge and expertise to develop a bespoke product, unique to your requirements.

The key element of automation most customers are looking for is to increase productivity. Banelec’s experience has led to us developing techniques used and tested in the field proving it to increase productivity for customers.
You can be assured that you will receive the newest industry specified safety technologies within the design of every control system.

Control Panels

If you have your own team to carry out installation processes and only require an electrical control panel to power the system, then we are happy to simply design and manufacture the control panel from your specification or build to your own schematic designs. If you have been issued the parts from your supplier we can also offer an assembly only service.

However big or small your project, we can supply a suitable control panel. Types of panels we can offer include:


We hold off the shelf supply of standard inverter control panels most frequently used for long travel crane control, however if you have a regular requirement for a repeat control panel we would be happy to build and hold stock for you.