Banelec manufacture unique IIC control panel

Banelec can proudly say that not only are we still shipping out orders during this difficult time, but we’re also working on new exciting projects.

We have vast experience working with panels for hazardous area projects, but the system completed and shipped today is something special, that we feel is an important game changer in the way IIC systems are designed and manufactured. This system uses a unique enclosure which has major advantages when compared to its more traditional competitor.  

This IIC radio system uses an EJC31 enclosure, where we once
would have used a GUB enclosure. The original style performed its job fine but the EJC clearly surpasses the expectations set by the competition. The use of the EJC in hazardous areas allows users to change the way they work, adapting the design of their control panel to effectively use all the space available. 

This innovation in the design of these enclosures is due to a new sealing system and has seen a change in the shape of the exterior and cover. The original GUB enclosure consisted of a square body and circular cover which would be fully removed to allow access to the electrical components within it. 


The EJC consists of a square enclosure with a hinged square door which allows the door of the EJC enclosure to be used for a functional purpose by permitting the addition of buttons and indicators to the exterior. The door can also be used to mount additional components within the system offering a more cost-effective solution while performing to a high standard.

The new design of the EJC enclosure also allows easier access to the system throughout every process of the manufacturing, installation and maintenance. The door does not have to be fully removed to gain access to the interior allowing and engineer to simply unscrew the bolts and open the door, a much simpler task than having to unscrew an entire lid from an enclosure to gain access. This small but simple alteration means that the control panel can do much more, more effectively and provide much simpler maintenance processes.

Due to our partnership with Bartec FEAM (a manufacturer of such enclosure), we can provide this innovative product for IIC hazardous areas, providing customers with a more effective control panel, with more functions than a traditional IIC system.

Although the more traditional shaped GUB enclosure is still on the market it is of our opinion that the unique way an EJC enclosure can be used in areas that contain IIC gases makes it the more superior of the two.