Eilbeck Cranes

Fast turnaround on size restricted systems

The task

Banelec have provided solutions for multiple projects for Eilbeck Cranes, this example being the most prominent for showcasing what we are capable of.

This project involved very tight size restrictions in terms of the panels that could be mounted on the crane. Banelec designed and manufactured an entirely new concept which incorporated a mid-level component mounting plate allowing for more components to be installed within the panel, whilst remaining within guidelines. These systems also met the customer’s requirement for the system to function in an environment where temperatures can drop as low as -50°C.

What we created

As with any system being installed in a hazardous area certification requirement must be met, and in the case of these systems it was imperative that technical clarifications were made regarding heat dissipation and free space required within the enclosure.

All these requirements and restrictions needed to be considered when designing these systems.

The result

The final design utilised a guided scissor activation to allow the mid-level equipment to be completely withdrawn from the enclosure. Once extended the mid-level section may also be opened on a hinge system allowing unrestricted access to the level below for inspection and maintenance.

The certified systems met the requirements set by the customer, who were also hugely impressed with the speed in which we provided on the complete turnaround of these systems.