New Unique Conveyor Control System

User Defined Set Speed Drive

Banelec have designed a unique new control panel, specifically designed to allow quick and easy selection of motor speeds to suit various needs in industry.  Our user defined fixed speed frequency inverter panel provides the user with a huge array of advantages as it is efficient and simple to use. 

Our system allows on site users (via key operation) to adjust speeds very quickly and simply teach the new speed, allocating it to one of 3 set speeds selectable by the operator. We have eliminated the need to access the drive to adjust and set speeds by ergonomically positioning all the controls required on the outer door.

 The development of software within the frequency drive, has eliminated the requirements for PLC or Logic relays to perform this unique task; providing a more cost effective approach and allowing for a solution which saves on space. 


  • The whole system is plug and play.
  • Very-easy adjustment via the control facia on the door.
  • Cost effective – typically a PLC or Logic controller would be required, all logic is contained within the inverter drive.
  • No need to access the live panel to adjust the parameters.
  • No technical knowledge required to adjust the fixed speed settings.
  • Secure – Key active teach and operation modes means that settings cannot be adjusted without a key.
  • Clear visual indication of drive status.
  • Real Life speed set up via the potentiometer.
  • Clear visual indication of successful teach process.
  • If only one or two speeds are required, then it is easy to set each position to identical speeds.
  • Can be supplied pre-wired to minimise site work.
  • The facia controls and inverter drive panels can be split for remote location.
  • Option to install a viewing window to view the inverter display